Creating a dynamic and engaging retail space in the heart of Brighton

Cloak Bespoke Retail Environment

This project was a live brief for the design of the interior of ‘Cloak’ a design and fashion shop in Brighton. The idea for this design was to bring the shop to life, through the creation of dynamic 3D shapes. These objects create a variety of focal points within the space, which guide the customer around. These shapes have been developed into functional objects such as storage or seating space, which are movable allowing the space to change over time.

The use of light is a key part of this design as it not only balances the space through variety in height but also works to illuminate the rest of the shop features and products in a considered and cost effective way.

The overall aim is to create an engaging space that showcases the products of the store as well as enhancing the user experience through careful positioning of objects, to create a comfortable and exciting retail environment.