A new approach to flat pack furniture

Ordinary : Objects

Whilst working at Ordinary Ltd, a design and architecture agency. I was responsible for designing bespoke furniture for clients: from sketch, to model to manufacturing in house using the CNC machine. For this project I was given the task of designing some affordable, easy to assemble/disassemble, flat-pack furniture for one of our clients.

My idea for this collection of furniture was to use tension rather than screws and bolts to hold it together. This would not only make it cheaper to produce but also makes assembly very quick and easy.

The joint itself then also became the central design feature as it created interesting geometric corners on all of the items. In order to test the joint I created a prototype of the joint with tensioner (1:1 scale) using a CNC machine (programmed in Aspire). I then created models of all the items of furniture (1:9 scale) using a laser cutter (having designed them on Rhino), to test how sturdy the individual items were and how easy they were to assemble.