A pocket of calm in the heart of Shoreditch


Sushilicious is a sushi restaurant in the heart of Shoreditch in Box Park and despite it's small size (a single shipping container) it has become a popular destination in the area. I was asked to design a new interior for them with a local graphic artist.

The idea of Sushilicious was to reflect the philosophy and cultural richness of Japan in a contemporary way. With the lighting I decided to reflect the concept of Japan being the land of the rising sun, through rows of pendant lights, in colour blocks from red to orange to yellow. With the wall graphic we wanted to add an element of movement, whilst keeping an overall calm aesthetic to the space, a pocket of calm away from it’s busy Shoreditch surroundings.

These technical drawings accompanied by visualisations of the space as part of our concepts presentation. The technical drawings were then used to apply for planning permission so that the project could go ahead. Technical drawings using Rhino and Adobe Illustrator, while the visualisations were created in Keyshot.