We are dedicated to providing access to education in the Turkana region and there are many ways that you can help us achieve this. You can either sponsor one or more children’s secondary education, make a one off donation or even offer your time and talent to host a fundraiser.

Become a sponsor

Sponsoring a child allows you to ensure that a child is able to go to secondary school for a whole year, making them one step closer to being able to break the cycle of poverty. At CHF350 per year, you could sponsor up to 6 children for the same daily cost of that morning coffee.

Still not sure? Well just have a read through the FAQ below and see get a full understanding of what sponsorship involves.


For those of you who don’t feel commit to a full sponsorship right now then you can always send us a one off donation. Any amount, big or small will be greatly appreciated and 100% of it will go to the sponsorship of a child’s education.

Sponsorship FAQ

Sponsorship costs CHF 350 p.a./student. Normally a student is sponsored for the 4 years that secondary education lasts.

If it is not possible for you to continue sponsoring for the whole 4 year period (e.g. because of unexpected financial difficulties), please contact the Fund Coordinators as soon as possible so a replacement sponsor can be found. If you are moving away and leaving the parish, you can continue to be a sponsor, but in such a case let the Fund Coordinators know your new address details so you can stay in touch.

You will receive a letter from your student and a photo at the start of the 4 year period as well as a letter at the end. There is not usually contact with students in-between but if you want to get in touch or send gifts, please contact Fr. John O'Callaghan first.

No administration costs are deducted by the fund from your sponsorship so this means everything you contribute is put to good use. Fr. John also keeps in close contact with the students and reviews their progress so they make the most of the opportunity they have.

You can sponsor as many as you wish but please consider carefully before making your pledge. It is better to make a realistic commitment that can be kept than offer to sponsor more widely and then not be able to do so for the full period.

To become a sponsor you will need to fill out a sponsorship form (see the yellow button above) and then email it to turkanaeducationfund@gmail.com. We will then be able to process your sponsorship application. There are instructions on the form about how to make the payment.

Please contact your accountant or a tax adviser on this. If you need proof of your annual contribution, please check the box overleaf to receive a receipt each year.

The Fund was founded by the late Doreen Bassam, a parishioner of John XXIII. The fund is managed by the Fund Coordinators and its activities are reported to the John XXIII Parish Assistance Abroad Committee.