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About Me

I am an enthusiastic, creative 3D designer with a passion for solving problems. I am naturally inquisitive and am very ideas driven, which has resulted in me creating work that spans all 3D design disciplines. My approach to 3D has largely been informed by the tactile experience of objects, making materiality and interactivity a particular focus.  I am a strong team player and enjoy working collaboratively to find the best solution to a design problem, whether that be within a team or with a client.

Most recently, I have been working at Christopher Jenner, where I was the lead designer for furniture design, working closely with the team to develop designs, for a variety of clients, including Marli for their retail interiors. Whilst my role was primarily creative, I was also very involved in the production process, working with clients and manufacturers to ensure our design was correctly translated into the final product.

I am now available for work so if you have any great ideas for projects, questions about my work or just want to say hi then please drop me a line.

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Key Skills

Ideas and innovation


Designing the details

Prototyping and model making

Production process knowledge


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If you have any questions about my work or opportunities please send me an email